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  • also very beautiful, and not afraid of water rust. The disadvantage is that paint and metal bonding ability is poor, if the preliminary work is not good, or paint itself is not good, then the paint will blister, fall off. There is also a drawback is the cold. Stainless steel is more popular in recent years. Generally speaking, more well-known brands used in the material are mostly 304 stainless steel. But also useful material 202, this material is relatively relatively speaking. In

    addition to this material is waterproof, durable, not easy to rust and other characteristics, from the operating point of view can also be a supplement to the wooden bathroom cabinet. Xiao Bian Summary: how to choose the bathroom cabinet material, stainless steel is good or solid wood is good, there is no one to say, they have their own advantages and disadvantages, we can choose their favorite.Solid wood bathroom cabinet, is a solid wood for the cabinet

    cabinet cabinet, with natural, environmentally friendly, moisture-proof features, so there are many consumers of all ages. The market of solid wood bathroom cabinet, how to buy high-quality solid wood bathroom cabinet? Next Xiaobian for everyone to introduce solid wood bathroom cabinet purchase methods and precautions. Solid wood bathroom cabinet purchase method 1. To see the grade grade is divided into high-grade, mid-range and general file.

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