Steel Plastic Composite Panel

  • Stainless Steel Plastic Composite Panel is a bimetallic composite steel plate formed by laminating a layer of stainless steel on the surface of a general carbon steel sheet. The composite method mainly has two kinds of explosive compound and rolling compound. The composite interface of the two metals forms a metallurgical bond with a shear strength of 210 MPa or more. Have good physical south africa outdoor flooring building material and pool properties and process performance. Able to carry out a variety of mechanical processing, for the manufacture of corrosion resistance and high cleanliness of the mechanical equipment.

    Explosive compound and rolling composite two different processes, product specifications in the market to form a complementary, respectively, to meet different user requirements. Explosive composite process is plastic 3d square pyramid production mainly the use of explosives explosive energy, to promote high-speed impact of stainless steel plate carbon steel substrate, so that the interface with the formation of welding.

    Its process characteristics are suitable for the production of Wood Plastic Decking Series Material thick stainless steel composite panels, but also on a variety of non-ferrous metal plate explosion welding. Rolling composite process is the use of rolling mill pressure deformation of the composite billet to achieve interface welding. The rolling of the composite steel sheet is carried out under the vacuum condition of the composite interface. The preparation of composite billets involves a variety of techniques, is the key link of rolling stainless steel plate. Rolling is more suitable for Difference Between Composite and Particle Board the production of thinner specifications, but also can produce stainless steel composite coil, with high production efficiency, fast delivery characteristics.