use in the process of falling off

  • the use of no-name paint. The brand of bathroom cabinets generally use high-grade paint, the film is also very full, poor paint is not only its adhesion is relatively low, easy to use in the process of falling off, and because it belongs to inferior products, environmental performance is not guaranteed. 2. Ceramic pot quality: in the southwest of the user in the choice of ceramic pot, it is best to choose the product from Foshan, because - Foshan is the ceramic city. 3.

    Hardware test: open two different brands of bathroom cabinet door, when you close the door, it is obvious that the brand bathroom cabinet door switch freely, and the market some oak bathroom cabinet door closed Time obviously feel more blunt. Although they are all used to keep the door closed. Even the handle also appears to the atmosphere some. 4. Mirror anti-fog test: When you are facing two different origin of the mirror Kazakh gas, it is clear that the

    brand bathroom cabinet fog moment and disappear, and the local mirror fog relative retention time for a long time, so when the purchase of bathroom counters Sure to choose the brand bathroom cabinet is better. On the oak bathroom cabinet purchase tips and precautions of knowledge, Xiaobian introduced here today, and hope that we buy carefully, look at the sheet material, smell the smell, to obtain quality reports and check the quality of hardware

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