city concerns sectional

  • 4 team of city such as Huang Wei change, Tan Yanling, Liang Xuhui lead garden of industry of the peaceful in reaching to be in charge of appoint meeting secretary Zhao Bo, sells plastic wood in phuket river state division, city concerns sectional leader continuously, medium worker of cadre of peaceful industry garden, Beijing gallop general invests company president assist of Zhaosong forest,

    dragon - east general manager of garden of industry of economy of loop of forestry of allied country border Ms. Deng Julian and faculty, Guangxi industry of wood railing vs wpc railing Yemen Gui Fulin timber limited company general manager plum. Industry of forest of Guangxi laurel blessing limited company (limited company banner leaves job of wood of peak of Fujian of city of subject Guangxi Nanning solely invested enterprise) , the project is located in garden of industry of the peaceful in esteeming state city.

    Project program building site 50 mus, flame retardant wood pergola kits Hertfordshire the plan always invests 1.6 100 million, main construction produces workshop 18000 square metre, multi-purpose building building of 4000 square metre, research and development 4000 square metre. Main product is the project base material of high-end wood floor, wood floor, avoid zoology of Qi Duo layer board.outside wpc deck