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  • in Sichuan and its tributary region. Third, the main use of different old ebony black as ink, bright like paint, wood black, its shape and the red sandalwood closer, so the people also have "ebony" said. Although the eucalyptus mostly hollow, but also due to ebony wood hard, bright materials, fine grain, coupled with corrosion resistance, fading less, can prevent insects and so on, since ancient times has been regarded as valuable timber, for our traditional classical

    One of the main timber used for furniture. In the process of making furniture, ebony often with the owner, boxwood, ivory and other valuable materials with the use of the old "small device for" superior material. Need to be specified, ebony also has a certain medicinal value. Because the ebony property is pure yin, it can be medicine. Li Shizhen in the "Compendium of Materia Medica" in the "ebony Gan, salty, flat, detoxification, and the main cholera Tufei, take the

    chip into powder, with warm wine service" and other records. And the people of Sichuan known as the "ebony", the northeast known as the "waves of wood", "Shen Jiang wood" gloomy wood, both wood quaint and stone charm, the texture of a solid thick, dark color, smooth and delicate, Decadent, anti-moth-eaten, totally natural, therefore, by the West called "Oriental god wood." Because of its hard texture and delicate, fresh arts and literature, cross-section

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