business flourishing wood

  • black line of business flourishing wood,wait for big company drive, 15 thousand farmer is in board industry obtain employment. Want to know, this town calculates on old person applying pvc foam board to wall child, total population also does not pass 42 thousand.

    The dining room of wooden industry is celebrated in blessing, excessive Hong Ju appoint Sun Zhaozhu says the villager of the meeting: "20 come year old the youth goes out to balcony decks with composite material work, 30 years old of above do not go out, either be filled in Fu Qing, blueness even if go to work in the factory of form a complete set below, perhaps machine an industry to do poineering work independently around wooden industry.

    "My factory is equivalent to blessing celebrating subsidiary, and supply to me come back cut board many 20 small company, be just like the subsidiary that is me again. "russia laminate floor terrasse Sijitong tells employer of Fu Linmu industry the reporter, 2007, his enterprise still is domestic type small mill, do come back cut board,wpc deck board