yet been decadent. In China, constitute

  • or even thousands of years of abrasive fortune, forming a non-stone, like wood non-wood "mummy." What is the difference between the gloomy wood and the ebony? It is clear that the gloomy wood is not a tree species, but a collection of trees that have not yet been decadent. In China, constitute a variety of gloomy tree species, identified by the main include: cedar, fir, Phoebe, oak, Georgia and so on. Second, the distribution of different areas as

    persimmon tree species of ebony, mainly distributed in the global tropical, subtropical and some temperate regions. Its main origin is the Asian Tropical and Africa, such as India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Burma, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Madagascar, Congo, Gabon and other countries. According to historical records, China's Taiwan, Hainan, Yunnan and other places are also produced. In ancient China's ancient books, ebony and "Urumqi wood",

    "black pear wood", "Cape Wu" and other titles. Such as Jin Cui leopard "ancient and modern note" contains: "ebony pay state, color black pattern, also known as 'Urumqi wood'." "Zhu Zhi Zhi" volume called "black wood." Ming Huang province had "Western tributary record" in the call it "black pear wood". China's ancient use of ebony, mostly produced in Hainan, Vietnam and other places. While the heavy woods are mainly distributed, when the four rivers

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