bureau advances manufacturing

  • this bureau advances manufacturing company actively to classify management and plant product risk to manage by different levels, add a kind of company newly 2016 2, 2 kinds of lattice trellis panels accessories enterprises 28, adopt through waiting to product of tall classification enterprise, low risk reduce sampling observation frequency inferior and favourable measure, make an enterprise promote a product quality.

    In addition, this bureau returns have the aid of " Internet + " method, use " the system is declared on the net " and " change a system without paper " , handle affairs for the enterprise raise rate, fall cost, decrease use formalities, freely. Current, check of newspaper of wooden furniture business is cheap composite material flooring connected close to be changed without paper rate already amounted to 98% above, promoted substantially close advantage to change a standard.

    Environmental protection assault checks: Xi'an beautiful guest thinks of wooden industry do sthon one's own authority to tear go into operation of a paper strip for sealing, white 2x4 composite bin plate be moved to send a judiciary processing Form of quality of environment of air of area of Shaanxi province the central Shaanxi plain is austere,outside wpc deck