mahogany industry

  • Is the material of the culture and habits caused by. After the taste of 80 new business opportunities in China, mahogany furniture is not just furniture, it is a symbol of art and the owner of wealth. But the development of mahogany culture, we must use new wood to support,

    and constantly develop new wood species, the development is not for everyone to understand the tree species. 'From the concept of culture to explain, do not hold the old sandalwood pear, or no way to develop the industry.' Cao Xinmin witnessed the development of the mahogany industry in Zhongshan Tai Chung Township,

    and he showed concern about the future of mahogany furniture. The precious trees with the best technology to do fine, open up new species to meet the Chinese people to the pursuit of mahogany culture, which is the current goal of many mahogany operators. 'The concept of change takes a long time to guide.

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