hole in the naked eye slightly

  • texture is very fine; texture is usually until slightly staggered; air dry density 0.85 a 1.17 g / cm3; ebony identification points: 1) heart material black and heavy; 2) tube hole in the naked eye slightly, axial parenchyma and wood In the naked eye a few can not see, ebony (Diospyros ebenum) thin-walled tissue is magnificent under the magnifying glass is also difficult to see; 3) wave no visible, no acid odor (different from the black acid); 4) 5) with metallic luster; 6)

    ebony cross section under the magnifying glass can often see a lot of white spots. Five, the value of ebony ebony is a precious wood, with no rotten, immortal, not boring characteristics, and more for the production of small pieces of furniture, such as kang table, kang a few chairs, stools, etc., but also suitable for the production of musical instruments, carving small handicrafts. Ebony art value. Ebony hard, mostly brown black, black and red, millet brown. Its

    smooth surface, fine grain, polished method can be achieved mirror bright, but also because it never fade, not rotten, not the characteristics of insects, as the production of works of art, antique furniture, the ideal material, it is suitable for the performance of fine vivid Of the works, far from the general wood can be satisfied. Ebony furnishings and works of art, which are made of ebony unique material, charm and art formations, are highly artistic and highly

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