texture is usually slightly staggered

  • (tangent). Wood ray fine to very fine, ruler is not obvious, chord marks no. The wood is shiny. Whole body black, no special smell. The structure is fine and uniform, and the texture is usually slightly staggered. Material hard weight. Corrosion resistance, durability. Air dry density greater than 0.85g / cm3, usually sink in water. Third, the ebony tree Persimmon tree species are distributed in the global tropical, subtropical and some temperate regions, black heart

    were mainly produced in tropical Asia and Africa, such as India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Burma, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Madagascar , Congo, Gabon and other countries. China Taiwan, Hainan, Yunnan and other places also produced. Four, ebony identification ebony identification, according to GB / T18107-2000 (mahogany) standard. Ebony (Diospyros ebenum), growth round is not obvious. Heartwood all black, light stripe rare. Tube hole in the

    naked eye slightly; with brown or black gum; chord diameter of the largest 141um, an average of 98um; number less to slightly less, 4 a 12 / mm 2. Axial parenchyma rich, the main concentric layer from the tube fine line (wide 1 2 cells, most I cells), very dense, under the magnifying glass can not see a few; Wood fiber wall thickness. Wood rays are visible under the magnifying glass; the wave marks are not seen; the rays are organized in the form of aliens, The

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