export the forehead

  • Indonesian have FLEGT attestation wood to always export the forehead to even more 400 million dollar Indonesian environment and forestry ministry report, come from the cheapest way to make a patio November 2016 by this year Feburary, commerce of forestation of market of hold European Union implements a law (FLEGT) the our country wood of attestation always exports a quantity to amount to 298.5 million kilograms, total value 400 million 9.3 million dollar.

    Environment and commissioner of trade of labour of forestry ministry international Lasimi (Lhaksmi Dhewanti) claim in Jakarta yesterday, inside 6 months of Outdoor Floor Directly On Grass Ireland a compasses go into effect that must have FLEGT attestation to European Union exit, the government is export wood to country of 27 European Unions, already issued attestation of 1817 10 thousand FLEGT.

    "Besides character, quality and design element,Hollow Composite Decking Light Weight the furniture product of attestation of FLEGT of our country hold, stronger negotiation position is had in the international market, " she if this say.wpc deck board