plywood production continues

  • multi-purpose berth, will be in next year 9 Which was built and put into use in the past, to further enhance the regional status of Guangzhou Port, so that Guangzhou truly become the shipping center in southern China;plans for outdoor heated deck mats Tianjin Port Container Terminal Co., Ltd.,[url=]metal panel siding[/url] annual design throughput of 1.6 million TEU, Tianjin Port plans to become a modern, international Deepwater Dagang and Northeast Asia's international container hub port, in 2004, with the berth expansion and new construction projects have been completed, Tianjin Port Container The throughput will increase by 52.3%; Qingdao Port to 2010 container throughput will exceed 10 million

    TEU; Jiangxi Province in the Ganjiang built the largest inland international container terminal, the terminal design annual volume of 50,000 TEU; Wenzhou Port Qilitimber for decking Port II Construction is about to start, the container design annual throughput of 300,000 TEU,[url=]composite decking tips[/url] long-term up to 500,000 TEU, and so on. At present, in addition to Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Qingdao and other coastal cities are prepared to the world-class container big pier direction, which will bring opportunities for the development of the container industry, also to the container plywood flooring to bring development space. With the gradual recovery of the global

    economy and the rapid development of China's national economy, coupled with the western development and revitalization of the old northeast industrial base strategy implementation is expected this year,composite wood patio furniture plans China's capacity will have a more substantial growth, container transport will be a sun day. Since the reform and opening up, China's plywood production, with the increase in market demand and substantial growth,[url=]patio chair cushions[/url] especially since 1993, China's plywood manufacturers like mushroomed to develop rapidly, plywood production continues to rise, especially in East and North China is developing more rapidly. Many manufacturers have put high-