different, to Phoebe is the most expensive

  • as gloomy wood, is Phoebe, red Chun, Ma Liu and other trees due to natural disasters buried in the mud, in the hypoxia, high pressure state, by thousands of years of carbonization process formed. Due to the different species of trees, the market value is different, to Phoebe is the most expensive gold Phoebe, up to eight to 150,000 yuan per cubic, and the longer the longer, save the better, the higher the price. Types of ebony A variety of ebony, ebony species

    include: linen trees, Cyclobalanopsis glauca, camphor trees, Phoebe, red wood, red beans Bin, Ma Sang, yellow willow wood, cork, Huai wood, sandalwood and so on. Generally with fragrance and sterilization characteristics of the tree species to form ebony. Deyang City in the vicinity of the Mianyang River also found 3 meters in diameter large ebony, showing the ancient times the ecological environment is so beautiful and spectacular. Ebony characteristics

    Ebony hard, mostly brown black, black and red, gold, brown. Its smooth surface, fine grain, polished method can be achieved mirror bright, and some ebony nature has been similar to red sandalwood. Its never fade, not rotten, not raw insects, is the production of works of art, antique furniture, the ideal material. Archaeologists through the Samsung ebony recovery at the time of the living environment of the Sanxingdui unearthed a large number of large ivory

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