timberwork build the promotion

  • we predict as the residence standardization and timberwork build the promotion in home, OSB will gain development good opportunity. The particieboard in man-made board is used occupy lower,Wood Plastic Wear For Wood Pergolas Fire Rated supply is relatively rigid. The man-made in our country nearly 200 million stere board produce can medium, the yield of particieboard can be 20 million stere,

    occupy than be only 10% the left and right sides, also be the sort that only import exports more than in 3 kinds of man-made board. The new increase production of our country particieboard Materials From Wood Deck can be relatively limited in last few years at the same time produce with high end can give priority to, sufferred the policy such as environmental protection to affect backward particieboard to produce 2016 can be changed stage by stage, industry supply is relatively rigid.

    Particieboard makes the important raw material of custom-built furniture stage by stage, suffer high speed of custom-built furniture industry to growing influence particieboard Wood Plastic Garden Planters demand quickly. The main base material of type furniture experienced our country board to arrive again to beaverboard by plywood the change of particieboard, Wpc Deck Board Supplier