Paint Coatings Small Knowledge

  • Paint Classification After a long period of development, the current paint has been more than a thousand kinds of paint classification in the past naming is not uniform. China's chemical sector, is now on the classification of the paint with its main film-forming material, based on the coating is divided into 18 categories. In practice, we are often accustomed how much should a contractor charge to install to according to certain specific performance points, for the architectural coatings we usually divided into: according to the form of paint classification of solid paint, that is, powder coating liquid paint: solvent-based paint, water-soluble paint

    Type coating according to the gloss of the coating High-gloss type or light-type paint, mercerized or semi-stereotypes paint, matt or matte paint by brushing parts painting exterior composite front gate classification wall paint, exterior paint, floor coatings, Ceiling paint and other coating by coating the classification of flat coating, sand wall paint, quartz sand with decorative paint, imitation stone paint and other special properties by coating classification of architectural coatings, anti-corrosion coatings, automotive coatings, anti-odor coatings, anti-rust paint

    Waterproof paint, moisturizing paint, elastic paint and other small paint paint is an important part of the interior decoration, prone to some difficult problems, people helpless, in fact, just to find out types of composite deck posts prices the cause of the problem, the right medicine, it is not difficult to have people Satisfied with the results, the following is easy to produce problems for the paint, put forward the solution, so that when you are in the interior decoration hand Paint off: may be the surface is too smooth reason, if the original paint is light composite deck railing cutting paint or silty (plus untreated color paste paint), the new paint on the surface is not strong.