supply continuously commodity

  • Lumber is the resource that can supply continuously commodity, this are beyond question, especially to needle leaf material, the government that should have normative science only can be inside shorter time use circularly with respect to implementation resource. But begin from 2017,wood plastic market growing china prohibits in the round natural forest commerciality fell trees,

    this also means abroad of prospective China lumber to depend on degree more intense. Do not carry hardwood to plant first,as what hold China to basically consume simple styles of gates the market cork also will face huger market gap, the dependence that imports timber to abroad is spent also will promote considerably. In intense with each passing day resource contention battle,

    chinese lumber business also appears more passive in international trade, go up in price speech authority especially. After concerning this one problem to be by 2016, plastic trim for around patio door price of needle leaf material fluctuates considerably partial lumber business already savor " miserable " . Early Mu Zhichun returns before long,[outside wpc deck