gold ebony extraction rate is very low

  • surface is rich in mineral resources. Trees root deep into the mineral layer, absorb nutrients and water, so its wood Contains metallic texture. Gold wire ebony shortcomings 1, gold ebony extraction rate is very low, after logging to spend a lot of manpower and resources can be used to get the board wood. 2, gold ebony is not only unique texture, it is also the ever-changing texture, there are articles of gold texture, a rough pattern of mountains, a little bit of fine

    lines. 3, gold ebony density is higher, heavy material, in the processing, installation inconvenience. The above content is home Xiaobian introduced the advantages and disadvantages of gold ebony, I believe that through the introduction of the above, we have a more comprehensive understanding of gold ebony. More knowledge of building materials, welcome to continue to focus on home decoration network.Ebony is one of the most valuable tree species that can be

    made of high quality furniture and decorative materials. May be a lot of people do not know how this great collection of ebony is how the formation of what role. Today, Xiaobian to talk about the formation of ebony principle and use of knowledge. Ebony formation principle Ebony also known as gloomy wood, ebony formation time mostly in 4000 to 8000 range, not enough to become a plant fossil; Similarly, it does not belong to the mineral. Ebony, also known

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