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  • small square stool size is 26m wide 26cm high 26cm or so, priced at 980 yuan. And many solid wood square stool, this ebony furniture small square stakes highlight the Chinese classical beauty, placed in the above items, or sitting on top can bring me a very enjoyable feeling. In general, ebony furniture has many advantages, so it can become a traditional furniture selection. The above content is home Xiaobian introduced the price of ebony furniture how, for

    everyone to provide a reference price for everyone to understand. More furniture knowledge, welcome to continue to pay attention to every home decoration network.Wujin wood furniture is made of Wujin wood furniture, plus the form of software components. Wujin wood furniture both show the natural texture of furniture, but also adds the comfort of furniture, so won the consumer's favorite. Here we take a look at Wujin wood furniture purchase skills and

    the price of Wujin wood furniture. Wujin wood furniture to buy skills 1. Look at the brand, a good brand in quality, design and aftermarket has a very good protection. 2. Look at the material, is the whole solid wood or paste the bark, is the wood structure or cloth or skin combination. 3. Look at the details of the work, because the Ukrainian wood is relatively hard, processed into a relatively difficult coefficient of furniture, so the details of the grasp can reflect

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