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  • knowledge, welcome to continue to pay attention to every home decoration network.Ebony Chinese scientific name also known as gloomy wood, because it is not rot, immortal, not boring characteristics, so the production of high-grade hardwood furniture, durable, not easy to deformation. With the application and development of ebony, which is mainly used to make ebony furniture, then how the price of ebony furniture, take a look at it Arsenal furniture prices

    - ebony root carved flower spent a few carving art in China is very early rise, refers to the use of solid wood root produced some of the items, root carving can be made into a very artistic furniture, because the root carving itself is an art , The combination of art and furniture, more can highlight the grade of furniture. This is a piece of pear lime gold fern Nanyin Shen wood furniture Decoration Ebony root carved flower spent a few, is the pursuit of modern people

    form the natural products, polished polished, the beeswax, natural form, the whole material is not made. High 64cm, width of 100cm, weighing about 50KG, for the flower pots, etc., do the master taste! Like this ebony furniture price picture, the disadvantage is that there are some flaws. Priced at around 8,000 yuan. The ebony furniture bed design style is simple and modern, but also has a traditional Chinese style, but also has a traditional Chinese style, Style,

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