enterprise imports content

  • make the enterprise imports content deck sheathing steps designs to shed cost to decrease 43% , will arrive before of harbor goods close time to fall by 5~6 day to 2~3 day, can save business other people to flow considerably cost and raise content to shed efficiency of have enough to meet need, reduce manufacturing cost.

    River door establishs alliance of business of new meeting annatto to make brand of annatto river door As we have learned, through 30 years of old development, industry of cover a unsightly outdoor concrete wall new meeting annatto got government of people of new meeting division give aid to energetically, in guild drive below, from mill of many 30 folk development arrives to amount to enterprise of many 3000 annatto about today.

    The strength of industry dimensions, also caused an industry to develop new issue of direction. Because this new meeting area puts forward " China falls in love with new how to build wooden panel steps meeting to build " struggling target, the example that also needs to had had appears come out. These good example can not are short of newly, but because distributing too medicinal powder,