interior decoration

  • Applicable to all kinds of civil, public buildings and other interior decoration. Color knurling color The main component of the color liquid flower paint is polyvinyl alcohol, this paint exterior plastic wall clading northern is non-toxic, tasteless, good texture, similar to wall cloth and plastic wallpaper. Expanded perlite spray coating Expanded perlite spray coating of the main components of polyvinyl alcohol, polyvinyl acetate, is a coarse texture spray paint, this paint texture is good, decorative effect similar to the small hair effect

    can be parquet, spray Color pattern. This coating is suitable for ceiling, wood, cement mortar and other grassroots, the use of spray construction, the minimum construction temperature of 5 ℃. Water-based inorganic polymer flat coating This coating is the main component of silica sol, the appearance of this paint smooth, with extinction decorative effect, coating water resistance, alkali resistance, good acacia wood outdoor flooring scrub resistance. Applicable to the kitchen, bathroom, corridor, spray construction, the minimum construction temperature for the SC.