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  • their company for on-site verification,84 lumber price list in uk he verified the results of confidence, "our final result will certainly be lower than others." As Canada has admitted that all Chinese industries have a "market-oriented", the survey did not use the data of alternative countries, but the Shanghai Feilingel Woods General Manager Chen Haiyan administrative department that the Canadian method of calculation is wrong.[url=]metal deck rail inserts[/url] When a reporter asked her where the error, she said that involves the business of business secrets, inconvenience to disclose. Shen Haiyan also said that the 2.01% subsidy is only that the Canadian side does not want to give up anti-subsidy

    lawsuit against China. Because in accordance with international practice,reclaimed wood window boxes unit product subsidies less than or equal to 2%, you can not investigate. In her view, the result of this ruling is meaningless. Reporters on the 21st call the Ministry of Commerce, the head of the General Office Chong Quan said the Ministry of Commerce is preparing to discuss countervailing matters, will be back to reporters later,[url=]Mitä se tarkoittaa, että ne leviävät lattialle[/url] as of press time, the reporter did not receive any reply to each other. Zhang Hanlin, president of the China WTO Research Institute at the University of International Business and Economics, said that the symbolic significance of this result is greater

    than the practical significance,Ontto merkitys espanjaksi which shows that the Canadian side in the test of the Chinese government's attitude. He believes that more and more international countervailing investigation worthy of our attention, but also to us sounded the alarm.[url=]tile board paneling water resistant[/url] Changzhou enterprises to actively deal with the Shanghai enterprises their own policy China Forest Products Industry Association Deputy Secretary-General Sun Zhigang is the Chinese flooring enterprises to respond to anti-dumping and countervailing the main person in charge. 21, he told reporters that the Canadian investigation is mainly affected by the domestic strengthening of wood flooring