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  • Solvent-based wood paint small common sense solvent-based wood coatings from the petroleum solvent, toluene, xylene, butyl acetate, cyclohexanone as a solvent to synthetic resin as the base material, with additives, pigments and other dispersed, grinding Is a building decoration commonly used in a class of materials. Solvent-based wood coatings a wide range of landscape timber injected with resin commonly used are: alkyd, phenolic, nitro, polyurethane (PU polyester) paint. At present, the most commonly used in home decoration is polyurethane resin paint.

    First, the purchase of solvent-based wood coating Note that the following purchase of solvent-based wood coatings should be used within the shelf life, under normal circumstances shelf life of one year. Open the lid, should be no crust, stir even after the state. Polyurethane exterior deck slip resistant paint paint varieties, according to the type of packaging can be divided into single canned (one component) polyurethane paint, double canned (two-component) polyurethane paint, three cans (three components) polyurethane paint. Home decoration usually use three cans (three components) polyurethane paint (that is, a pot of the main paint, a can of curing agent, and a pot of thinner).

    Polyurethane paint with high light, light, matt, semi-light, the more popular is matte and semi-lacquer, the consumer can be based on the home decoration effect and their own preferences. Buy alkyd blending paint as much as possible to choose alkyd resin as raw material for the production of blending paint, to reduce the use of polyester alkyd resin grating plank uk as raw materials for the production of low-grade blending paint, because this blend paint poor weather resistance, volatile Yellow, off.