wings and other furniture

  • 'Another senior person, Mr. Lee said. 'Redwood \u0026 rdquo; furniture is not a particular tree species of furniture, but since the Ming and Qing Dynasties on the rare hardwood quality furniture collectively. Pear, rosewood, rosewood, sour wood, chicken wings and other furniture, can be called mahogany furniture.

    Among them, the material is the best pear, rosewood. Redwood growth is slow, resource scarcity, and was a sharp decline year by year, and some have even faced extinction situation. Chinese-made mahogany, not only very few species, and low yield. Hainan's pear,

    known as China's most expensive tree, the price can be comparable with gold. But from the 1970s, with the value of Hainan pear gradually recognized, that is, a large number of felling, a large number of acquisitions. 'Currently on the market of Hainan pear are old materials.

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