sticky agent fountainhead

  • from glue sticky agent fountainhead put an end to formaldehyde to introduce, make the veneer that do not have aldehyde kind man-made board, rise greatly artificial fast the product of wood of cover deck waterproof cover unripe Lin Yang is add value. In the meantime, leave out gelatinize controls segment beforehand, manufacturing process is released without free formaldehyde, clean production.

    This achievement product is stuck receive performance exceedingly good, be able to bear or endure water performance is good, but preparation Ⅰ kind with Ⅱ kind plywood. Production cost wpc wood latvia good sound absorbing effect with colophony of aldehyde of E0 class Niao man-made board keeps balance, stick receive material storage life to grow,

    nonexistent mildew changes to wait for hidden trouble design outdoor wood panels with invalidation. Product application field is wide, can use at decorating plywood, furniture board, real wood compound floor base material, LVL, pack reach carry wait for a domain. wpc deck board