timber exported Russia

  • The report says, sawn timber exported Russia in all 2016 26.7 million stere, grow 10.1% compared to the same period. Among them above of half the number (53% ) also was to sell China,hard plastic flooring for patio sawn timber is right China export increases 37.1% . Nevertheless, canadian forestry company is in China very quickly with respect to lumber of Russia of meeting race to control the portion of the market. Because the United States is about very quickly to impose protection custom duty, and the main sale market that it ever was Canadian lumber.

    Liao Fu says Bojiate: "Canadian market sale how to cut rhino landscape edging is done very well, they are in promote lumber while still can impart oneself experience that build a house. The advantage of Russia depends on, the first, board quality is better, the 2nd, russia supplier already stood firm in Chinese market, should elbow out them it is very difficult to go out. Should elbow out them it is very difficult to go out.

    Liao Fu still points out Bojiate,what was eco composite fence made from because Chinese government prohibits,sex of peddling to natural Lin Jin course of study cuts, this increased its to import the demand of lumber considerably. Accordingly, canada and Russia can share Chinese market probably. outside wpc deck