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  • how to maintain? Please see below Xiaobian introduction. Ebony furniture purchase method 1, look, that is, the hardness of the ebony texture and surface smoothness, hard texture, smooth surface. 2, smell, with the nose to see the ebony wood chips are fragrant blowing from the feeling. 3, chisel, cut open ebony surface, see the wood ray and wood delicate degree. Cut shiny bright, hand touch delicate touch of silk. Ebony furniture maintenance methods 1, to

    maintain moisture is the primary ebony furniture because of the material reasons, excessive sun exposure or moisture, will damage its material, causing the wood crack or crisp easy to fold. And thus to ensure that ebony furniture is not subject to excessive exposure to sunlight conditions, to keep its dry. China's south, the climate is relatively humid, which gives ebony furniture can be done without any damage. Like the case will be placed in the open air environment,

    feng shui sun, its damage to the ebony is irreversible. 2, wet cloth is a natural enemy Many people think that since it is wood furniture, of course, can use a damp cloth to rub. But in fact ebony is a special case. Because the moisture in the damp cloth and the mixture of gray sand will form a granular, once the friction of the furniture surface, it is easy to cause some damage, and people usually ignore this point. Then the surface of the ebony furniture if the accumulation

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