Long Fiber Reinforced

  • Composites are Long Fiber Reinforced Aggregate, Continuous Fiber Reinforced Prepreg (MITT) and Glass Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic Composites (GMT). According to the use of different requirements, resin decking over patio concrete slab matrix and other thermoplastic engineering plastics, fiber types, including glass fiber, carbon fiber, aramid fiber and boron fiber and all possible fiber varieties. With the thermoplastic resin-based composite technology continues to mature and recyclable advantages, the varieties of composite materials developed rapidly, Europe and the United States developed thermoplastic resin matrix composites have accounted for more than 30% of the total amount of resin-based composites.

    High-performance thermoplastic resin-based composite materials to composite decking screen porch the majority of injection, the base to PP, PA-based. The application of glass fiber reinforced polypropylene in automobiles includes ventilation and heating systems, air filter housings, gearbox covers, seat frames, fender pads, and transmission belt covers.

    Talc filled with PP with high rigidity, high strength, excellent heat aging resistance and cold resistance. Talc powder reinforced PP in the interior decoration has an important application, mica composite material with high rigidity, high heat distortion temperature, low shrinkage, low flexibility, dimensional stability and low density, low price, the use of mica / polypropylene Composite materials can be made car dashboard, headlamp protection ring, baffle cover, door rails, motor fans, shutters and synthetic pool coping edge decking boards other components, the use of the damping of the material can be made audio parts, the use of its shielding can be made battery box.