Plastic surface coating

  • Plastic surface coating should have the following properties:paint on the plastic substrate must have a good binding force; paint can not be too much dissolution of plastic surface; paint should have pontoon fencing railings kit most economical a certain hardness and toughness to overcome the daily wear of the coating; according to the needs of plastic substrate configuration performance varies, construction convenience, room temperature from the dry, dry rate should be appropriate, and can cover the plastic products in the process of forming a small defect.

    To make the coating and plastic substrate with good adhesion, the paint is fully wetting what is plantation shutter the substrate at the same time, the solvent in the paint on the plastic to have a slight dissolution, so that the surface of the paint and plastic with a mutual layer, so that the coating and The substrate is combined to produce good adhesion. But the paint can not be too much dissolution of plastic substrate surface, otherwise the surface of the plastic substrate will be uneven, film wrinkling, leveling diy plywood project in singapore is not good, the appearance of ugly.