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  • wood is Africa's zebra wood, in the furniture is a very important kind of wood. What are the advantages and disadvantages of Wujin wood? Next, please see Xiao Bian introduced it. The advantages of Wujin wood (African big zebra wood) There is no doubt that the advantages of Wujin wood (Zebra wood) is the natural texture of the wonderful. 1, in the Wujin wood natural wood color, gold and black curve vividly, the color eye-catching and very mobile sense,

    any one section can clearly show the beauty of wood grain. And Wujin wood extraction rate is low, hard wood, processing difficult, so made with Wujin wood out of every product are full of strong natural flavor. 2, Wujin wood up to 130cm, the growth of special environment, the average growth rate of more than 1,600 meters above sea level hills. Soil surface is rich in mineral resources. Trees root deep into the mineral layer, absorb nutrients and water, so its

    wood contains metallic feel. 3, with the grain and go hand in hand, Wujin wood wood structure is also very good. Known as the "ninth mahogany" of the Wujin wood is not a huge name. As long as the weight of a weigh by hand, you will find Wujin wood compared to other wood to sink much more. This wood hardness, high density, its wooden structure and mahogany in the chicken wing wood similar to the tube hole fine, deep wood grain and the formation of

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