flooring agents in Canada

  • levied by Chinese enterprises, and French enterprises impose an anti-dumping duty of 7.0%. February 16, the Canadian border services preliminary ruling that China's flooring dumping and subsidies,tariff classification of teak decking dumping margin of 26.6%; subsidies for 2.01%. In response to the ruling, China's enterprises carried out a positive counterclaim, the export of the top two flooring business executives are optimistic to reporters that the above tax rate is expected to reduce the final cut process, the export capacity of the short term will not be on the domestic market Cause an impact.[url=http://cheapdeckings.com/composite/replacing-above-ground-pool-top-railings-with-wood.html]replacing above ground pool top railings with wood[/url] Filingel Wood (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is the largest export of wood flooring

    enterprises,composite fence cost per linear foot the amount of exports to China's total exports accounted for about 25% of the total. Yesterday, the company executive vice president Gu Junrong in an interview with reporters when the performance is very optimistic, he said from the Canadian side after the formal filing,[url=http://cheapdeckings.com/eco-decking/does-lowes-have-contractors-to-build-a-deck.html]does lowes have contractors to build a deck[/url] many companies are actively responding to the current main differences between the two sides is to Canada to China's general business agents Prices and domestic distributors to get the price that is, "wholesale price" and "retail price" for comparison, is reasonable. On March 14, the Canadian Border Service will go to Shanghai to conduct an investigation,

    and Gu Junrong expects the final tax rate for Fillinger to be significantly lower than the existing 26.6%. Jiang Changzheng, chairman of Sichuan Shengda Forest Products Group,free timber frame pavilion plans also joined the second (about 20%), said that the export volume to the United States is much higher than that of Canada,[url=http://cheapdeckings.com/wpc-decking/plastic-spacers-for-joists.html]plastic spacers for joists[/url] It will not return home, which led to price war. Haici Wood (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. Chairman Wang Qifu said that at present China is the world's largest producer and consumption of wood flooring the first country, but also quickly grow into export power. Foreign anti-dumping investigations are more affected by small and medium enterprises, impose a