steel doors and windows

  • Air tightness, good watertight steel doors and windows, the fan between the use of lap assembly, the gap are equipped with durable elastic seal or choke plate, to prevent air penetration, rain leakage. And in the window frame, fan the appropriate location to open drainage holes, can rain and condensate out of the room. 5. Good sound insulation steel doors and horse farm fence sale in germany windows profiles for the hollow structure, the internal compartment into a number of air filled with small chamber, with good sound insulation. Its structure is carefully designed, frame, fan lap tight, anti-noise performance, the sound effect up to 30dB. 6. Good corrosion resistance of PVC material from any acid, alkali, salt, waste gas and other substances erosion, corrosion resistance, moisture resistance, not rotten, no rust, no mildew and so on.

    Any corrosive and humid environmental conditions are applicable, which is wood and metal doors and windows Cheap Composite Privacy Fence can not be compared. Because it is not eroded, easy maintenance, it can save maintenance costs. But should avoid contact with fuming sulfuric acid, nitric acid, acetone, dichloroethane, toluene and other direct contact. Fire performance good hard PVC material for the excellent fire protection materials. Not spontaneous combustion, no combustion, from the fire can be extinguished, the use of high security.

    Determination by the Fire Science Research Institute, the material oxygen index of 42% or more, that steel doors and windows will not be dangerous because of the fire. In foreign countries, steel doors black wood fence stain and windows can be used for all types of buildings, fire authorities also recognized its fire resistance, recognized as a good security building materials. This amount of contraction expansion, not shadow. To the structure and use of steel doors and windows.

    Insect insects with CPE modified PVC doors and windows materials have anti-termite characteristics. Compared with the wooden doors and windows have obvious advantages.Exquisite appearance, easy maintenance Plastic doors and windows profiles smooth and smooth surface, uniform color, no paint coloring diy cladding advice and maintenance. If dirty, you can use a soft cloth dipped in water-based cleaning agent scrub clean.