year of our forestry

  • The past five years, for up to a new stage of forestry industry in China, and managed to cope with the impact of the international financial crisis, the state forestry administration, Japan brand shoes online, said the forestry industry in China's industrial scale expands unceasingly.

    Japan brand shoes online: I work to forestry bureau, in 2005, the year of our forestry output value $8400, 2006, one trillion, from 2006 to this year after four years, again on the steps of a 1 trillion, reached $20000 this year. During the eleventh five-year plan period,

    China's forest coverage reached 29.32 billion mu, and the forest coverage rate reached 20.36%. The plantation area of man-made forests has a total area of 926 million mu, which is the highest in the world. Results in five years, however, does not let a person feel particularly relaxed,

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