Design of plastic coating

  • From the above theoretical point of view, the design of plastic paint formulations, in addition to ensuring the coating of resin construction is not drawing, easy to leveling, easy to dry at room why is plastic furniture gaining preference over wooden furniture temperature, good film fullness, good weather resistance, the choice of solvent system is the formula The essential. Design the appropriate solvent system, can provide similar to the plastic substrate solubility parameters, so that the substrate adhesion is not easy to dissolve the substrate, to ensure good film leveling, the appearance of smooth, dry speed appropriate.

    Currently used a lot of coating system, according to composite flower boxs and window the characteristics of plastic temperature and the requirements of the film, most of the choice of excellent performance at room temperature from the dry thermoplastic acrylic paint and low temperature baking polyurethane coating.

    Another method is calculated by volume, one after another into a different solvent, the solvent coated on the plastic substrate to mixed solvent just eroded plastic substrate prevail. With such a solvent formulation of the coating, generally after several tests can determine the paint system. In determining the solvent system, to take into account the solvent evaporation rate. Solvent evaporation too fast, paint leveling is not good, easy to produce pinholes, whitening and other defects; solvent evaporation is too slow, easy to flow paint, curing speed is too slow. Solubility parameters and volatilization rate constants for some common solvents are found Cost of Outdoor Pavilion Plan in the solvent manual.