composite wood flooring is mainly produced

  • expansion of production facilities in Quebec and Ontario. In the United States, domestic flooring is gradually replaced by imported flooring. Canada is also facing a similar situation.automotive exterior wood paneling for sale Africa
    Canada imports of hardwood flooring in 2013 amounted to 219 million US dollars, of which the main source is China and the United States. Canada flooring production mainly to solid wood flooring, and (multi-layer) composite wood flooring is mainly produced in Asia.[url=]hog fence landscaping[/url] Over the past five years, Canada's imports of Chinese composite wood flooring almost tripled. In 2009, China's total exports of wood flooring to Canada amounted to $ 63 billion, while in

    2013 this data soared to $ 18.7 million. Canada's imports of Indonesian composite flooring total also increased from $ 8.9 million in 2009 to $ 14.2 million in 2013.composite decking for raised beds Europe is Canada's third largest supplier of imported composite flooring, but its shipments are growing faster than China and Indonesia. As the composite floor is gradually recognized by consumers in Canada and the United States,[url=]china plastic decking and fence[/url] the industry is expected within the next few years, Canada's composite wood flooring import market is expected to continue to grow. In view of its price advantage, composite wood flooring more and more by the multi-family residential developers of all

    ages. Most buyers and it is difficult to distinguish between solid wood flooring and composite flooring. In addition, in the DIY decoration market, despite the lower cost of laminate flooring still dominate,installing fence post on slab but the composite wood flooring is also gradually popular. Recently,[url=]decks and pergolas construction manual download[/url] the Canadian media worried that the import of Chinese flooring on the Canadian hardwood flooring manufacturing industry caused a certain degree of threat. As some manufacturers began selling Chinese-made flooring with a well-known Canadian brand, some floor makers had to close their factories. And, consumers are only concerned about the low price of