large country of forestry

  • China in 2003, when the wood-based panel production is 4.53 million cubic meters, when more than 10,000 cubic meters of the United States, from 2003 onwards, China's wood-based panel production is basically an annual rate of more than 10 million cubic meters The Our furniture reached 700 million pieces,

    our wooden floor reached more than 370 million square meters, our forest products reached 1.1 million tons, our economic forest products reached 100 million tons, our forestry industry, the main forest industry are at In the world first, in 2009 our wood pulp paper for the first time over the United States,

    now also living in the world first. In other words, we are now a large country of forestry industry, from the static point of view is the case, from the dynamic point of view, China's forestry industry has maintained a relatively strong growth momentum, our forestry output in 2009 reached 1.75 trillion,

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