American lumber import

  • The area austral Chinese China is achieved to demand of American lumber import new tall With respect to whole character, the import demand that the area austral Chinese China heat insulation wpc outside decking reachs wood to American lumber grows continuously inside 8 years of in the past, achieved the year that is as high as 700 million dollars to import a record last year, 30% what occupy China to import amount from the United States.

    Hua Na area reachs the strong demand of wood to American lumber, basically flourish quite as a result of furniture industry of place, at the same time Guangdong province is China's composite wood underground warehouse biggest furniture manufacturer and exporter more. The furniture industry that Guangdong saves sells grade, the sale state that already preceded other is saved each seventeen years continuously.

    Accordingly, of Guangdong entrance lumber in home cent is sold on, acting decisive part. For quite a long time, the high-grade furniture that by the entrance lumber place makes decorative outdoor plastic retaining wall panel basically is the demand that caters to overseas customer. However, as the dilate of the middle class, these high-grade furniture begin to obtain the welcome of home market.outside wpc deck