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  • On the anti-corrosion wood how to paint, construction need to pay attention to what Xiaobian today introduced here. For more information on the decoration, welcome to continue to pay attention to every home decoration network.Wujin wood furniture is a more expensive furniture, everyone in the purchase, often see the dazzling, do not know which one is better. The following small series for everyone to share Wujin wood furniture top ten brand list,

    for your reference. 1. Australia and Australia Perau both Chinese traditional furniture elements, but also the concept of Western modern home which contains. The ring texture is clearly visible, preserving the natural beauty of the original state of the wood, the dark texture of the black gold wood and the lighter background, the natural simplicity of the shape, the appearance of the original ecology, every piece of Australian furniture is a work of art. 2. Century

    Wooden century wooden furniture advocate to the original, the design of the first development model, leading to China's original wood furniture, the original style of the wind. Century woods focus on the performance of the respect and goodwill of nature, it is authentic, it is simple and elegant, it is real, it is the release of nature and strength, to the city to create a dream of rural pastoral. Century wood by its simple, rich, comfortable. Kind of feeling and sense of

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