the surface tension

  • The degree of wetting of the substrate can be determined by measuring the contact angle of the coating when the plastic is wetted, and the size of the contact angle can directly reflect the size of the wpc panels philippines price surface free energy of the substrate. Contact angle is small, wetting like, the lower the surface energy of the substrate more difficult to wet.

    In order to obtain good wetting, often in the paint by adding silicone coupling agent to reduce the surface tension of liquid coatings. Select the appropriate coating is only a prerequisite for good adhesion, the natural properties of the substrate surface of the coating on the surface of the composite decking broward florida adhesion play a major role in the plastic bottom of the village of injection molding conditions on its surface

    such as injection pressure, temperature, Time, injection cooling rate and other factors; plastic parts before spraying the conditions of the adhesion also have a greater impact, such as temperature, humidity, internal stress and surface finish. The internal stress can be formed during the part injection molding process or pruning process. Paint in the spraying and curing process, the solvent migration or heating plastic to relax, shrink, can effectively cheap patio floor without pavers reduce the internal stress. The higher the crystallinity of the composite plastic substrate, the smaller the adhesion of the coating on its surface.