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  • Antiseptic wood is a variety of wood, with anti-corrosion, moisture, anti-fungal, pest control and other advantages. 1, the construction site, the wooden side of the stack must be done to each layer has 10-12mm gap, but also to prevent the rain or the sunshine.... Direct exposure. 2, in the construction, it is possible to use the existing size of anti-corrosion wood, for cutting, drilling, etc., must use a preservative remediation to ensure the integrity of the coating. 3,

    in the connection should be pre-drilling to reduce cracking. 4, all connections must use hot-dip galvanized fasteners, or stainless steel hardware, to prevent corrosion. 5, build a terrace and plank Road as far as possible to use long planks to reduce the joints, in order to beautiful. Between the board should be left 3-7mm gap. 6, anti-corrosion wood used in the adhesive should be waterproof, weather-resistant type. 7, outdoor construction should be done before

    the conservation work, such as brushing wood oil, etc., to avoid the sun and rain caused by cracking and deformation of the occurrence of wood. 8, to paint, be sure to use water-based anti-ultraviolet paint, and wet wood surface should not paint. 9, the thickness of more than 35mm of the wooden side, in order to prevent its deformation, in the center of the core of the core line to open a width and depth of about 10mm small groove. 10, different use of the

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