discharges a standard

  • air pollution content discharges a standard integratedly " is expressed 2 in be restricted to be worth a requirement (1.0 Mg/m3) of grain content ≤ . The storage of experience d ust material, assembling and unassemble must be enclosed the airtight place such as big canopy. The car of all carriage dust must adopt the airtight means such as coal tub type, box type to carry.

    4, volatile organic waste gas (VOCs) processing: Man-made board and the organic waste gas that produce in the manufacturing technology of affiliated enterprise, need whole form Water channel decking material a complete set to install organic waste gas to collect processing system, adopt plasma of smooth catalysis oxidation, low temperature,

    combustion, gush to drench wait for a how to make fence out of wood pallets technology to undertake handling, processing efficiency achieves 90% above, achieve " volatile organic matter arranges business of Heibei province industry control standard " (DB13/2322-2016) relevant discharge be restricted to be worth a requirement (≤ of blame firedamp total hydrocarbon 60 Mg/m3, formaldehyde ≤ 5mg/m3) . outdoor deck manufacturer