composite wood flooring originating

  • Chinese flooring, few people care about hardwood floor trees and so on. One of Canada's largest news networks, Global News, reports that the Canadian market's existing import floor is derived from illegal logging in Russia.convert deck fence into privacy fence These illegal timber are shipped to China for processing and then exported to Canada.[url=]weight on Seven trust decking[/url] Unlike the United States, Canada has not yet enacted banned imports The Canadian International Trade Court made a final decision on the damage to the composite floor anti-dumping countervailing case and ruled that the composite flooring products originating in or exported from China (dumping and subsidy) and France (dumping)

    caused damage to domestic industries. According to the final results, importers in the import of origin or export from China's composite flooring products,price for linear foot for painting metal will be levied anti-dumping duties and countervailing duties. Recently, the Canadian Border Service has decided to impose anti-dumping duties on composite flooring originating in China and France and impose a countervailing duty on composite flooring originating in China.[url=]balcony composite decking trinidad and tobago[/url] Involving the product thickness of 5.5 to 13 mm composite flooring, the product involved in the customs code for the 44111990.90. Canadian International Trade Court issued a notice, originating in China and France,

    the composite floor in Canada, there are dumping and subsidies,wooden decking in dubai to the Canadian domestic industry caused substantial damage. According to the Canadian International Trade Tribunal's calculation of the dumping margin and the subsidy rate of the exporters of the countries involved in the appeal,[url=]4foot by 8 foot exterior coated wood[/url] the Canadian Border Service has decided that the enterprises with the dumping margin and the subsidy rate calculated according to the normal value may be levied on the basis of the dumping margin Anti-dumping duties. For Chinese enterprises that can not calculate their dumping margin through normal value, 9.7% of the anti-dumping duties are