How to choose steel doors and windows

  • Plastic doors and windows with its excellent performance and beautiful appearance gradually become the new darling decoration. However, steel doors and windows in our country, after all, also belong to a new strong wood epoxy outdoor building materials, most people are still relatively unfamiliar to it. So, how to identify the advantages and disadvantages of steel doors and windows it?

    First of all to be clear that steel doors and windows with other building materials, there are high, medium and low-grade and high quality and inferior points, can not be confused. The distinction between the quality and grade of steel doors and windows are swimming pool wpc divided into the following steps: The first step, first understand the steel doors and windows selected UPVC profiles. UPVC profiles are the decisive factor in the quality and grade of steel doors and windows.

    Good UPVC profiles should be designed with multi-cavity, wall thickness, anti-aging and anti-UV additives in the formula. It should be smooth and clear in appearance. The In particular, to remind everyone that there are a lot of people think that plastic windows are the same white, it is not true, high-grade UPVC profile color should be white in the blue, such a color anti-aging performance, Ten years are not aging, discoloration, deformation. While the middle and low profile is white in the yellow, this color sunscreen is poor, the use of a few years later will become more yellow until the aging, deformation, brittle fracture, the reason is that the profile of calcium in deck wooden interlocking blocks India the formula too much.