sold to the field

  • December 2, Guigang City Forestry Bureau Director Li Xingnan interview: 'In the past we are in the forestry economy is the practice of' cut off the top, cut off the first, the middle away [rsquo ;. Now we have all used, will be a wood \u0026 lsquo; eat dry pressing to do \u0026 rsquo ;.

    'How are these large and small wood processing enterprises in Guigang to form a recycling industry? Li Xingnan described a timber in Guigang's 'experience': 'First, the wood from the local and the surrounding to Guigang City to trade, and then to the primary processing plant into plywood,

    peeling plate and other sheet, and then sold to the field Of the enterprises processed into furniture, etc., the remaining scrap can be processed into high-density fiberboard and particleboard; other shavings and waste dust and other waste will be re-furnace, the use of heat to suppress the plate.

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