wood hard, delicate, beautiful texture, fresh

  • technology and materials, the market generally has molded door window shape is not deep, lack of three-dimensional feeling is not strong. 2, milling door, milling door is in the plane reinforced doors carved into a variety of flower patterns of the interior door. In the carved milling type, generally use all kinds of high-quality glass glue line or painted paint. 3, color door color matching door is a variety of patterns

    and colors of the plane stitching, seams with milling process interior door, more fashionable, more artistic beauty. 4, the door assembly door is the door to strengthen the general assembly to upgrade products, the facade generally used melamine veneer milling type assembling 9mm thickness and, still do not see more high-quality assembled door market, at present our country has a few manufacturers

    have started mass production. The assembling process has the advantages of fashion, beauty, strong stereoscopic feeling, thick and inner use, and almost equal to middle and high grade wooden doors on the market. 5, ecological paint solid wood door is a kind of the latest and most high-end strengthen the door, domestic advanced manufacturers invested heavily in human and took the lead in the introduction of

    pvc tongue and groove cladding exterior
    underlay manufacturers in poland
    plastic timber india

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    kelly jon In the carved milling type, generally use all http://chinesebuffetnearmenow.net/ of high-quality glass glue line or painted paint
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