limited company pursues

  • the name is Yameisenmu this factory of limited company pursues trade actually glue of aldehyde of manufacturing make water, formaldehyde and board process 3 projects, flexible patio flooring options among them because peculiar smell is bigger, the equipment that produces item of uric aldehyde glue already this year March stop production, transform, let its increase peculiar smell to collect implement wait for equipment, current, this company attributes stop production position.

    The item that produces formaldehyde is a loop completely those who use drop in temperature water, nonexistent the phenomenon that discharges sewage. This staff member expresses, recycled plastic wood composite lumber every quarter, environmental protection branch can extract the sample of this company undertake detecting, detecting is normal as a result, accord with a standard.

    This staff member returns respecting, but below the circumstance that does not come down in thermal drop, permit the water after a few loops are being discharged to use outside this company, Spokane composite decking warranty discharge to the company east the water in side conduit also attributes normal situation, what write when environmental protection bureau puts on record at the outset is can discharge directly. wpc deck board