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  • furniture shortcomings (1) because the oak material is relatively high quality, and now many of the oak on the market are imported by foreign, and its price is relatively high. (2) oak is divided into dehydrated and non-dehydrated, dehydrated oak processing is difficult, so many manufacturers are not dehydrated oak imports, if the dehydration is not sufficient, oak furniture is likely to be deformed,

    cracking and so on. (3) because the good oak is more precious, there are many businesses want to use rubber wood posing as oak board, so when you buy, we should pay attention. & Nbsp; & nbsp; Conclusion: birch furniture and oak furniture which is better than home introduced here, I hope to help everyone. To learn more furniture knowledge, welcome to continue to read the home decoration

    Raiders.Cedar wood in the higher level, comparable with the mahogany, but the cedar to a wide range of origin, mainly grown in Sichuan, Guangxi and other places. So cedar and relative to the mahogany to inexpensive. The following to introduce what is cedar furniture, what is the role of cedar furniture, cedar furniture how to maintain. 1, what is cedar furniture first introduced under the cedar. Cedar wood

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