composite wood flooring

  • flooring originating from or exported from China and France Dumping, of which Chinese products dumping margin of 0% -17%, weighted average average dumping margin of 7.8%;hollowpot concrete floor ruled origin or export from China's composite wood flooring subsidies, subsidies for 0% -9.2%, weighted average The subsidy is 3%. The Border Service also decided to terminate the anti-dumping investigations against composite wood flooring originating in or exported from Austria, Belgium, Germany and Poland.[url=]garden bench slats 4 foot replacement[/url] The International Trade Court will continue to investigate the damage in this case and will make a final decision by June 16, 2005, and finalize the

    collection of anti-dumping duties and countervailing duties. If the International Trade Tribunal ruled that the dumped or received subsidy of the investigated products did not cause damage to the domestic industry,triangle land flowers the case will terminate the investigation, the temporary anti-dumping duties and countervailing duties will be returned to the importers. The Canadian International Trade Court (CITT) made a preliminary ruling on the anti-dumping countervailing case for composite wood flooring:[url=]average cost of new mexico coyote fence[/url] preliminary rulings of composite wood flooring originating in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Poland (dumping) and China (dumping and

    subsidies) Damage to Canadian domestic industry.2 foot high garden fence Involving the product thickness of 5.5 mm to 13 mm, which solid wood thickness of not more than 2 mm composite wood flooring. In accordance with Canadian law, the next phase of the Canadian Border Service will continue to investigate whether there is any dumping and subsidy on the product being investigated.[url=]are outside corner trim boards equal[/url] The Canadian Customs and Excise Department (CBSA) announced the dumping tax rate of Chinese flooring export enterprises - this is the reporter from the China Forest Products Industry Association, the State Forestry Administration learned, of which Shengxiang