building materials delegation

  • deep into the countryside pilot area Conducted field research. And Fuxian cement pilot enterprises to exchange experience is expected to start joint road to the countryside on January 14, 2011, under the leadership of the Forest Products Industry Association,

    the wooden building materials delegation came to Shandong Linyi City. It is reported that this is following Chongqing, Hubei, Zhejiang, after the fourth research. The research around the 'building materials to the countryside' pilot implementation results,

    and Fei County cement to the countryside pilot enterprises to exchange experience exchange. The exchange will be Shandong Linyi City Forestry Bureau and the county people's government's strong support to participate in the exchange of enterprises will have County County Yizhou Cement Plant,

    " anchoring a 4x4 wood retaining wall , wood cheaps ar any good in garden , round edge square lattice sydney , benefits of recycled plastic lumber "